New horse!

Well, after a couple of months with no bike, I brought this beast home today! 2006 Honda Reflex!

All is right with the world again.

It’s quite a different creature than I’ve had before, but I like it! Lots of storage space, light weight handling, great gas mileage.

Ural !!!

Went over to a friends house, Tom, to see and play with his Ural “Gear Up”! Took a test drive to see how it is. As many have said, it is very different to ride! But after a few minutes I began to get the feel for it. I may seriously consider this for a future bike!

It has lots of interesting quirks. It pulls to the right or left depending on if you’re accelerating or braking, it has a separate choke for each cylinder. This is the last carbureted version and they now have gone to fuel injection.

It’s ALIVE!!!

The forecast says it’s going to be nearly 60° by the end of the week. That’s a good enough excuse to get the bike out NOW isn’t it?

Of course it is!

Only 34° today, but it was worth it!

Spammer war!

Temporarily at least, I’ve had to turn off comments to this blog. The spammers are now constantly posting crap here. I’m spending all day deleting their crap.  

Fall colors

“Praise God in the heavens, praise Him all the earth”


Out for a little ride in the country. 70° today,

40° tomorrow so better get some riding in!